Program Details

The Rural & Remote program is customized for each individual based on their experience and unique needs. The process below outlines the core components of our process to help people prepare for remote work.

1. Application

The application allows the Rural & Remote team to identify your remote job readiness and gives us the necessary information we need in order to start the job placement support process.


2. Training

Depending on the interests, skills, and experience of the applicant, there are two types of training courses that we have at present. The Coding Academy trains and equips people to become Junior Full-Stack Developers. The Master of Remote Work Certificate is a 30 day course that equips people with the necessary skills to be an effective remote employee.


3. Work Experience

One of the many things critical to being an effective remote employee is experience working remotely. Very few employers hire remote employees that do not have remote work experience. Through our intern and apprentice program we help people gain necessary important remote work experience. These are paid position working remotely for different Community Partners.


4. Job Placement Support

When an individual is ready to pursue a remote job, the Rural & Remote team helps support them in the process. We help provide job availability research, resume coaching, and support throughout the job application process.




There are a few different training options based on the type of remote work you wish to pursue.

Interested in a technical remote job? 

Our Coding Academy helps equip students with the necessary computer science skills to become Junior Full-Stack Developers. The Coding Academy is a rigorous journey, but well worth it for those who want to become successful web developers or software engineers.

Details about the Coding Academy:

● Tracks: Python + React
● Job-ready skill development
● TA network
● Online/self-paced

For more information about the Coding Academy and how to enroll, please contact us today and someone on our team will give you a call.

Interested in a professional or support job? 

For those interested in a professional or support remote job, we have a training course called the, "Remote Work Certificate." We help each individual who applies to our program determine if this course is a good fit for them based on their current remote work experience and skill set.

Details about the Remote Work Certificate Course: 30 day

● 4 Required Zoom Workshops
● 9 learning modules
● Hands-on, self-paced coursework
● Peer networking/learning

For more information about the Remote Work Certification course and how to enroll, please contact us today and someone on our team will give you a call.