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“Does Working Remotely Mean I’ll Make More Money?”

  • March 6 2020
  • Ruth Perkins

Living in a smaller town has many benefits, not the least of which is the lower cost of living. Your smaller community is exactly what you’re looking for in a home, and it’s inexpensive to live there, which is becoming increasingly important in a quickly inflating world. The only thing that could make this financial situation better is if you made more money while continuing to enjoy the lower cost of living. You don’t have to give up your small town to make more money. You can stretch your paycheck further when you have a lower cost of living and a higher salary from a remote position.

This could be your reality when you stay in your small town but work remotely for a company located elsewhere. When you work for a larger company that has remote opportunities, the salaries are often higher due to the company’s location and usual employee. Since the majority of a company’s employees work where they live and they live where the cost of living is higher, the salary is often higher as well.

These same companies may also have better benefit packages than what you might find in a smaller town like your own. These benefit packages may have services like:

  • dental insurance
  • health insurance
  • vision insurance
  • life insurance

While working remotely doesn’t automatically guarantee that you’ll make more money or receive a significantly better benefits package, it does have other economic advantages to consider.

Taking home more money always feels great, but so will spending it. Taking assets from a larger city and bringing them to your town creates more stability and stimulates the local economy. The more capital you bring into your small town, the more money there is to go around without having a larger company take over your once quaint town.

Make more money, receive a better benefits package, and stimulate your local economy all by taking a remote position with a company in a larger city.

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