Maria Dahlquist

Maria Dahlquist used to rise in the wee hours each morning to arrive by 5:30 a.m. at a job she...

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Hannah Danner

Hannah Danner likes a challenge. As a Mass Communications major at Benedictine College in Atchison,...

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Amanda Pounds

Amanda Pounds didn’t intend to wind up back home. Following high school, she began her journey at...

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Rachel Heinen

Rachel Heinen’s first assignment toward earning her Remote Work Certification was a simple one: Set...

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Melissa Rickford

As parents try their best to balance career and family, they can find themselves at a crossroads. A...

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Toni Standley

Sometimes, you come to a point in your professional life where you truly think, “I just can’t do...

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Grace Hammer

When Grace Hammer earned her agribusiness degree from Kansas State University in 2017, she knew her...

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Scott Sproul

For years, the answer to the question of rural economic development was a single strategy: Recruit...

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Stephen Forbes

As Stephen Forbes’ senior year at Kansas State University approached, the computer science major...

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Nicole Godek

Nicole Godek began working remotely long before anyone ever uttered “Zoom” or worried about Wi-fi...

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Stuart Schmidt

For generations, Stuart Schmidt’s family has worked and cared for the land in Smith County.

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Emily Reed

For Emily Reed, mornings used to mean rising early to dress up, jumping in the car, and heading...

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