Don't Give Up Being a Parent to Work.

  • February 21 2020
  • Ruth Perkins

Would you rather be driving for hours a day or spending quality time with your little ones? You'd want to spend time with your kids – obviously! But you still want a rewarding career you're passionate about. Now, you can have both! With remote opportunities, you'll have the flexibility and freedom to work from home doing what you love and still be an active part of your family and community.

Even though you're working full-time, you still want time to be a part of your community. That's part of the reason why you moved to a smaller town – to get to know people and experience the sense of community that comes with living in a close-knit town. This kinship comes from being a part of the community and not just an observer. Remote opportunities help keep you closer to home, where you can participate in the events that matter the most while still working at a job you love.

There are many community and family events that can be challenging to participate in by having a long commute or not having any flexibility with your work. Instead of spending hours stuck in traffic, working from home gives you the chance to do the things you actually want to at the end of your workday.

Parents who work from home get to spend their lunch breaks and after hours time doing things like:

  • helping your kids with homework
  • going to school programs
  • attending community events
  • organizing family activities

When your workday is over, you get to leave your home office and immediately start engaging with your family and the community that's so important to you. The time spent with your family and community is too valuable to miss because of long commutes and working far away from home.

You don't have to choose between your family and your career. You can have both without making compromises. Remote jobs give you the flexibility to experience your small town and enjoy your family without giving up a career you love.

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