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Must Haves for Remote Work

  • November 29 2019
  • Rural & Remote

There are a few essential things that you must have if you are going to be a successful remote employee.  Below is a list of our “must haves” for being set up for success in your remote work vocation.

• Good internet.  You need reliable, good internet at home. This is a non-negotiable for remote work. It is also nice, if you can, to have a good mobile hotspot while traveling and working away from your home. A lot of remote employers, depending on the type of work you will be doing, require a certain internet speed.

• Excellent computer.
This goes without saying if you are a remote employee, but your computer set up is essential. Ideally you would have a great monitor or a good desktop computer for your home office, as well as a laptop. The laptop gives you the flexibility to work from the road or to just switch things up and work from a coffee shop or a co-working space. If you can’t have both a laptop and a desktop, opt for the laptop, as it gives you the most flexibility.  

• Quality headphones.
Nearly all of your communication as a remote employee will be through email, Slack, phone calls, and Zoom calls.  Because this is the case, it is critical to have good headphones so that you have good audio quality for your phone calls and Zoom calls.

• Video functionality. If your computer doesn’t have a built in camera, then purchase a good external camera. While companies’ preferences and requirements vary, most of the time it's important that people be on camera during video calls. Because remote work is more isolated than being in an office, being on camera is critical, as it humanizes the working relationship with your coworkers. Video calls offer the best chance to connect with coworkers and customers in a way that is most similar to meeting in person. Having a high quality camera makes this possible. 

Bonus Round

• A professional personal email address. This is more for the process of pursuing a remote job, as once you have a job, you’ll have a good work email. But prior to having a remote job, it’s critical to have a professional email address with your full name in it – fuzzybritches@ or hotfarmgirl999@ aren’t exactly professional email addresses.  We have a bias towards Gmail as being the best email tool, but regardless of what email platform you pick, it needs to be your name and sound professional. If you’re still using your high school or college email address you set up, it’s time to upgrade.

• A professional photo. This may sound crazy, but as a remote employee, most of your communication is digital. We believe it’s important that your email, Slack, and other online platforms and tools used for remote work have a good professional profile picture. This helps personalize digital communication and helps everyone remember that there is a human on the other side of the communication channel. 

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